What We Offer

No Long Term Commitments

We work with patients and their families to provide affordable lodging. Our goal is to minimize unnecessary lodging expenses during a patient’s treatment. We anticipate that all patients will have a minimum stay of 30 days or longer, but if circumstances change, you will only be charged for the days you occupy your unit. You can apply to stay in one of our units by clicking the link below.

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Reasonable Prices

Due to the generous donations of time and money APTTT receives every year, we are happy to offer all of our units on a sliding scale based on each patient’s insurance coverage. We have found that the majority of insurance companies cover between $75 – $100 per night, so all of our units are offered in this price range, which helps ease the financial stress that is often associated with treatment. If you would like to view our available units please click the View Properties button below.

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Family Atmosphere

Our team is not a typical “company”. We operate APTTT as a 501c charity, and we do so in loving memory of our Aunt Jan Cloninger. Jan started APTTT and while the mission of the charity has changed, our main motivation is not financial gain. We are helping keep Jan’s generous & loving memory alive in our own hearts, and also hopefully helping patients navigate the difficult road to recovery.

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